Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Can Help!

These bracelets and keychains are now for sale!!!
All profits raised will be split between Christian and Cici to help with medical expenses not covered by insurance!
They say:

LOVEsmall heart Pictures, Images and PhotosHOPEsmall heart Pictures, Images and PhotosBELIEVEsmall heart Pictures, Images and PhotosDREAM

"The infinite LOVE we have for our children, the HOPE for recovery, the BELIEF that the next day will bring new promise, and the DREAM that one day our babies will walk, talk, sing, dance, and jump into our arms again!"
Shauna, Christian's mommy

You can purchase a bracelet in red, pink, or blue in support of Christian and Cici for only $5 with free shipping!
If you're not a bracelet type of person, there are keychains to show your support, as well.

I think you and I both will get a warm, fuzzy feeling
knowing that you're helping two little fighters.
And, every time you look at it, it will hopefully remind you
not to take anything for granted
and how incredibly beautiful life is - even if it's not perfect.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wanted To Share ***PLEASE READ***

I know some of you have heard from either me or my mom
about her (my moms) neighbors and the near drowning of their
11 month old baby boy, Christian.
The baby's mom, Shauna started a blog about their journey since the day of the accident and I feel compelled to pass along their story.
I will be following it daily to see how Christian is doing.
As I'm sure you will be also after reading it.

She also has an option for you to donate (if possible) for costs
that their insurance doesn't cover.
If you are unable to donate she is just as thankful for your prayers!!!!

Thank you Lord for taking care of Christian and his family! They are in the best hands, Your hands! Amen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Newest Family Member


Bella is a Maltipoo and she is the cutest dog EVER!
We love having her so much!! She is such a lover - and that is what we love! She's overall a really well behaved puppy. Of course we are still working on the potty training (fun) but we'll get there.
She is just precious and are so lucky to have gotten her!!

Yep that's a diaper! Getting ready for her plane ride to Georgia!

Hello hello blogger world...

So I know I have been M.I.A when it comes to blogging lately. You can blame it on Facebook, at least that's what I blame it on!
I love me some Facebook. Which is funny because at first I hated it.
I liked Myspace so much better because of the creativity involved in creating a page (which I think FB should have as well) but the Apps on FB outweigh the creative-ness involved on Myspace.
I still get on Myspace here and there...but not nearly as much as the other.
i love Pictures, Images and Photos

So basically between FB, kids, summer...let's just say that I have had no time or desire to blog about my life..LOL.
But after uploading all my pics yesterday (finally) I was feeling the urge to blog. Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Summer has been awesome!
I cannot believe school starts in 3 weeks!!! smiley sad Pictures, Images and Photos
But I guess that's life - we all can't be in "Summer" mode forever.
I've got quite a busy year ahead of me, but I am very excited!!!

1. I am gonna be part of 2 committees at church.
2. I am gonna be a "fill-in" troop leader for Kylie's girlscout troop.
3. I am hoping to be "room mom" for Kylie's 1st grade class.
4. I will of course be "mom taxi" - Kylie is signed up for 3 dance classes and 1 gymnastics class.
5. I will be a teacher's aide for Kylie's catechism class at church.
Just to name a few - haha!

We're still debating on putting Josh in preschool. I thought I'd do it more for a break for myself. But since I have made some good friends out here..they help give me a break.
In fact we have a teenage babysitter right on our street!!!! The kids loved her watching them the other day while Jarett and I got to go on a date!!!!!!!
So I am just not sure if I'm ready for the preschool thing or not.
Basically I am in not a huge hurry.
Preschool out here is a pretty big deal! Back in AZ if you put a 2 or 3 year old in preschool it was basically at a daycare. But here they are FULL on preschools with set schedules and all!
The good thing about that I guess is the cost for it isn't all that bad. Josh would be going 2 days a weed from 9am-12pm. So 6 hours a week. We'll see....

Well let me post some pics for those of you who do not have a facebook :-)


Last day of school
Daddy brought her a flower
Her new present (IPOD)

Climbing at the Park


Thursday, May 28, 2009



DANITA (The Good, Bad and Beautiful)
is having a $50 Victoria Secret Giveaway!!!!!!!!
It's in celebration of her 100th post!!!

Show your support by checking out her blog, becoming a follower...and hey you just may even win $50 to Victoria Secret!!!
And even if you don't you won't be sorry cause her blog is a great one!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Conquered I75 and the Atlanta Bypass!

I was quite nervous this morning about a drive I had to make.
It was to a new doctor's office further into Atlanta.
Since we moved here I have been a bit intimidated (to say the least) about driving on 8 freakin' laned Interstate(s).
I am proud to say that I did it all by myself today! (Thanks to a little GPS help). YAY ME!
It's ALOT different than our little 2-3 lanes we have on I10 back in AZ. LOL!
I don't usually experience too much anxiety in my life, but THAT had me a bit on the tense side this morning...LOL.
I was relieved that it was over and that I CONQUERED IT!!
(NO this wasn't taken this morning while I was driving - LOL!
In fact this is ANOTHER Interstate that I have yet to drive on, but the ones I took today pretty much look like this)